Wednesday, October 13, 2010

IndyStyle Wardrobe selection methods to my madness

If you missed the segment on IndyStyle last week, let me elaborate on the outfits featured. I wore what I call a "Lucy" dress (yes, as in "I Love Lucy") and I chose this to accentuate my curves. With an hourglass shape and height like mine, it is easy to highlight my curves with a full skirt and a great belt to cinch in and further highlight a proportionally smaller waist. A bright color like red works well on someone with fair skin, and I love color, so this dress will be liberally employed in my fall wardrobe repertoire. And p.s. the dress looked way better standing than sitting and I believe looked better than what was captured in the above image.

Tammy--owner of Harloh's: A Page From the Past-- is wearing a Joan Holloway sexy secretary dress--perfect for fall. Though Tammy is shorter and more rubenesque, she also has fabulous curves that look smoking hot in a not-too-loud, uniform pattern. The white collar around the neck brings attention back to her lovely smile and bright blue eyes. The red vintage bag and earrings are a great pop of color that match her lipstick and bring the whole outfit together.

For Tania Swartz, my thoroughly modern (and amazing chef) friend, I didn't want to shock her system by putting her in head-to-toe vintage. She would look stunning in a paper bag, but check her out in this check-textured wool coat with white fur collar. Against her coloring, she looks even more smashing than usual. She surprised me in her admiration of the structured vintage bag and scarf. The white ostrich gloves fit her--lucky duck, since vintage gloves are always harder to find for larger gals--and nicely complement the white fur collar. Underneath theses eye catching accessories, she is wearing her day to day jeans, boots and top, showing that it's very easy to have a dash of vintage wow with anything else you like!

Once again, a big thank you to Laura Piercefield, a.k.a. "The Hair Whisperer," who did my vintage look hairstyle--and can do anything else with hair, no joke! And Morgan Wright of Morgan Wright Studios who did my vintage makeup and is an amazing photographer. Just check this out (again, with hair by the amazing Miss Laura). This is how famous people look amazing--they are no better than any of us, they just have badass makeup, hair and wardrobe people to put it all together. So if you want to look that good, pull together your dream team!

Next post, I will feature a few of the accessories that were on the table that we didn't get to delve into--sharing a few more ideas of how to work vintage into your wardrobe.

Get your Goddess some vintage asap, she'll thank you for it!

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  1. Thank you so much for the opportunities you've given me and Morgan. We love working with you and can't wait for more!