Monday, November 1, 2010

ADressing Leslie's Hourglass...

First of all, I'm sure my illustrations say it much more plainly, but I'm not a photographer. Luckily, when you are taking pictures of beautiful clothing on a stunning girl, it doesn't matter much. I recently took local fashioniable gal-about-town, Leslie Bailey to Harloh's: A Page From the Past after we examined the contents of her closet. Her hourglass shape is ideal for vintage clothes especially, but I challenge every woman to put some vintage into their repertoire and see how much more frequently you are complimented on your style/outfit/look! Check out her awesome article "Finding Your Inner Marilyn" on newsstands now in Metromix or by clicking the link.

What follows are a few photos with brief explanations from our recent outing...

The 1930's had some especially flattering silhouettes for tall well proportioned ladies! This shows off Leslie's thin ankles, but full-length would have worked just as well.

This 40's era dressing gown is silky, feminine and detailed--look at the pleating on the sleeves!! This is the kind of thing that could make any gal feel like a movie star, just lounging around the house.

Because Leslie is so petite and has a slightly larger bust than hips, she can easily get away with the two front pleats and piping around the waist of this early. This style is particularly flattering for Leslie's shape --and displays the great gams and arms!

This picture so inefficiently conveys how stunning Leslie looked in this. Lucky for hourglass girls, you can rock the super fitted, curve hugging numbers or the full skirts of the 50's. The pink sash in the darting 'V' further highlights her small waist and lovely curves on either side of the dividing lines. We should have taken a second picture of the back, as the pink sash flows down the back of he skirt as well. She would steal the spotlight in this anywhere!
Hello, Betty Draper! This dress has a similar profile to the lavender lace dress, but in a summery-day version. The back on this one is also stunning, dipping to a low point with a small bow. These colors really brought out Leslie's rosy cheeks and lips and contrasted well with her pale skin and dark locks.

There are a number of 80s dresses that are flattering to many figures, but of course an hourglass can really make it sing. Balancing more fabric on top with the full, flowy skirt on bottom, this would look great with a thin belt of thicker belt, further accentuating the two halves of the hourglass. Loved this color on Leslie!

Because of the color and shape of this one and takinng into account Leslie's effortless and innate beauty, this was my favorite on her!

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