Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's the most Wonderful Time of the Year...for dressing up!

 It's the most fabulous time of the year... to get gussied up into your most fabulous self. There is no better time than to hit the vintage stores for a show-stopper for that office party or friend's holiday extravaganza.
A few suggestions for those on the lookout...if you don't find what you want at the local vintage stores, take your measurements and hit ebay and etsy; you will surely find something that suits your style and size.
A few recent favorites from online searches...

Most body frames are flattered with the full 50s look as seen above since the full skirt and cinched waist create an exaggerated hourglass. Just find a color that brings out the best in you and you will dazzle like a starry tree topper! This look is versatile enough for an office party, home party or big dinner out. Couple with a warm shrug, vintage or faux fur wrap or opera coat and gloves--you'll feel like a princess.
 The taller the better for a look like this, but you can become your own version of Greta Garbo in this subdued but infinitely sexy full length 30's dress. Best on a smaller frame or hourglass. A jewel-toned velvet full length opera cape or coat would round it out perfectly.
 Mad Men style anyone? For the office or other party, couple this with ruby red patent pumps, jewelry and lipstick--everyone else will be green with envy!
 The dress I want to have made! As hostess of a holiday party, you couldn't go wrong with an actual version of this sweet cartoon!
Another great party frock of the 50's--you could even put a sheer silk long sleeve t-shirt under this one and add boots if you are afraid of getting cold or don't want to wear a shrug all night.

If you don't want to wear vintage, check out IndySwank, which is now carrying Stop Staring! a retro inspired brand based out of Los Angeles.

I've been wearing Stop Staring for almost 5 years now, and inevitably, I will-- as the name implies-- elicit stares from passersby. I am thrilled that IndySwank in Fountain Square is now carrying the brand--I believe it is the only store in Indianapolis doing so--or at least, I know it would have been a year ago when I first told IndySwank's owner, Jennifer about the brand. Congratulations to Jennifer, IndySwank and all the soon-to-be even more fabulous ladies of Indianapolis. Definitely bringing Sexy Back...

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  1. Oh, the pretty dresses *drools*

    I saw a really nice, very vibrant purple dress while at the Keystone Ave goodwill (across from Glendale Mall) last night. Definitely an 80's take on the 60's cocktail dress, sheath style, with some cutout detailing in the back and a subtle ruffling down the skirt. Someone could cut out the shoulder pads and give it a good home. It was marked 6, but I'd say it's a 4. Just wanted to give a heads-up in case someone needs a sa-weet, head-turning dress for next to no money.